Keep warm this winter with some “unusual” boots

Written on January 1, 2015 at 9:24 pm, by streamer
Did it occur to you that you could use military boots to server you in winter time? Sometimes they are cheaper, but even when they are not, they are a lot more durable.

To boost your trust, here’s how military boots are manufactured.

winter-military-bootsMilitary boots nowadays can be found on the market in a wide range of designs, colors and materials. In the past, military boots could be found only at the army staff, but ore recently they came to be available to any civilian interested in such equipment, and, moreover, tend to become an integral part of men’s fashion and even for women.
This kind of shoes has become well known among men due to its exceptional qualities, “army” like “design and durability.
When you intend to buy a pair of military boots, you must pay attention to a few details and also to consider in which season you will wear those boots.If you need a pair of military boots for the summer, an ideal product are the desert boots. For a pair of winter military boots check out this page:
If you’re curious to see more on tactical military gear, go to
Until a few years ago military boots were made of leather, thick, which made them difficult to wear, especially on diverse terrains. Nowadays, some of the models of army boots are made of high-quality cordura and leather. The combination of the two materials has led to the creation of an exceptional product: cordura plus leather gives the foot comfort, stability, and safety.
Cordura is used in the more flexible parts of the boot, and leather for the harder parts, so the finished product gets to have a long life span.
Most of military boots are relatively tall, so as to protect the foot and the ankle and part of the leg. On rough terrain and during conflicts it is necessary as good protection to the foot, so that the soldier does not feel any kind of discomfort in his feet.
Military boots made nowadays are equipped with rubber soles designed to adhere perfectly on almost any surface, giving the person that wears them an increased level of safety and also great comfort and confidence. Also, certain models of military boots are equipped with a metal insert in the sole, and at the toe as well. This insert in the sole protects the foot from direct contact with sharp objects such as nails, etc.

Here’s a video review of some great military winter boots.

Choose your hiking backpack with caution

Written on December 26, 2014 at 9:30 pm, by streamer

Long question short, how do you choose a suitable mountain tactical backpack?

511-rush-72-tactical-backpackChoosing a mountain tactical backpack that’s suitable for outdoor activities can sometimes become a chore if you don’t  have in mind some elementary rules for taking your trip in optimal conditions.

In order for purchasing a backpack to become a fun action that could lead to the planning of more future excursions, here’s what you need to take into consideration.

The criteria for the choice of a proper tactical backpack:

  • duration of the trip (if you decide to spend nights on the mountain for a day, a few days, a week or more)
  • personal style (do you put emphasis on comfort or weight loss)
  • body conformation (the length of the upper part of the body, not height)

What capacity is right for me?

Capacity refers to the volume or the storage space of a backpack. This is expressed in liters and is regularly shown in its name. This varies depending on the person and on the type of trips you make most often.

For 1 day or 1 night use a 20-50 liter backpack, for a weekend (2-3 nights) 50-60 l, for more days (2 to 5 nights) 60-80 l, and on extended trips (5 + nights) 80 l. These values are expressed for longer stays in the spring and autumn, but in winter you need a more bulky backpack.

For those who have learned how to pack things efficiently, using the strictly necessary equipment that fits perfectly in the backpack, they can use a tactical backpack of 20-50 l, for 2 nights, or 2-3 evenings with 50-60 l … more information on best tactical backpack is here: Or check out this Wikipedia article about a reputable US brand of tactical backpacks:

Keep in mind though that you’ll achieve this skill in time or with a very thorough planning and what is important is to take things that are really necessary, without unneeded stuff.

A backpack of 60-80 l for extended trips of 2-5 nights in the mountains, is the right choice for warm weather, generally in the summer.

For trips of even greater length than 5 days you need a tactical backpack of 80 l or more. We know too well that it fills up pretty quickly and more often than not we’re tempted to fold everything we may possibly need in it.

This last category are preferred for winter mountain trips of more than 1 night and if you want to conduct a family outing when parents are frequently those who carry the needed things for kids, to give them freedom to have an enjoyable experience on the mountain.